Rejecting Ramen

Imagine that it’s early in the morning or late at night, and a member of the millennial generation ― or anyone else, for that matter ― is feeling hungry at home. She or he has little time to cook or eat due to a hectic schedule. What should this individual do for a quick and filling meal? Is it a good idea to grab some bland, burnt, microwaved ramen noodles? Or, perhaps, should this person order some fresh and delicious pho?

Rejecting Ramen

The case against ramen noodles couldn’t be clearer. This food is appallingly bad for people. Ramen contains practically nothing in the way of nutrients, and it has high levels of saturated fat, the harmful kind of fat.

This product contains loads of sodium to boot, and a single packet can pack more than 180 calories. There are even packages of ramen noodles with an astounding 376 calories each. A steady diet of this stuff, therefore, could lead to a heart attack, a stroke and other medical problems.

That’s not to mention that eating one of these hard bricks of noodles rarely ever leaves anyone feeling very pleasant.

Pho for All

Some people use the term “pho” to refer to Vietnamese cuisine in general. More accurately, though, pho is a soup that’s often served for breakfast in Vietnam.

Vietnamese foods have no gluten and very little fat. They’re full of nutrients, among them vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, iron and zinc. Once you’ve started eating Vietnamese food on a regular basis, you may find yourself sleeping more soundly, losing weight more easily and having more energy throughout the day.

As for the soup itself, pho is enticingly spicy. It has meat, rice noodles, herbs and vegetables, and its bone broth is beneficial to the immune system. In addition, many people like to get creative with their ingredients and toppings. To name a few options, mushrooms, onions, sausages, chicken and bean sprouts can all add extra flavor to pho.

A bowl of this soup can give people about half of their recommended daily protein allowance. Pho is also a source of fiber, which aids digestion, as well as vitamin C and calcium. Thus, it’s easy to understand why many millennials are giving up their once-cherished ramen noodles in favor of pho.

Indeed, pho cuisine restaurants are exploding in popularity across the globe. There may be certain regional differences in terms of how these dishes are prepared, but these health-giving and tasty foods are now available just about everywhere.

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