Local restaurants and food delivery are my best friends. As empty nesters, my husband and I have been exploring a whole new world in regards to couple-dom. We’re in that weird in-between state in which the kids are gone, but we have no grandkids. We’re too young to retire and travel, but we’re too old to party all weekend. Add to that the fact that I’ve taken on a third shift job and you have a couple of mid-lifers looking deeply into each other’s eyes and trying to remember how to cook something besides Ravioli and spaghetti.

Cooking for Two

Local restaurants have it easy, people! They can cook for thousands and just scoop a serving or two onto a plate. Like I used to do. Hubby asked the other day why we never have soup, anymore. It’s because I don’t know how to make less than 10 gallons of soup at a time! Ok…you just cut back on ingredients. One pound of hamburger meat instead of two. That’s good, now one clove of garlic instead of three, and one-half of an onion instead of a whole one. I can do this! Now, a can each of pinto beans, corn, sliced potatoes, carrots, Rotel, and minestrone soup and….I have a 9.5- gallon pot of soup that doesn’t have enough hamburger meat in it. How long does soup “keep” in the freezer, anyway? I’ll let you know in 8 months.

Grocery Shopping

Now that the kids are gone, I can save money at the grocery store, right? Eat healthier and snack less. Cook some of my favorite recipes that the kids wouldn’t touch.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the most expensive salad in Lubbock is liquefying in the produce drawer in my refrigerator. Did you know that lettuce can liquefy? It can, and so do bell peppers and all the other ingredients that make a salad good. How do you buy half of a bell pepper? You don’t. You buy a whole bell pepper, cut it in half, and throw half in the middle of the street to get run over, baked by the sun, and pecked at by birds, because that’s more use than you’ll get from it in the produce drawer, unless you want to eat so much bell pepper that you get sick of it.

Or, you can freeze half of it and use it in soup later…

Then, I discovered that restaurants deliver salads. It changed my world. I’ve eaten more salads, and better salads, than ever before because of food delivery. It’s like room service without an expensive hotel bill tacked on unless you count the house payment.

And, who can buy half of a roast? “Oh, cut it in half,” you say, “and freeze it.” For what? When I cook half of a roast, we have leftovers for weeks to the point where we never want roast again. But guess what? There’s still HALF A ROAST IN THE FREEZER! Seriously, once or twice for leftovers is plenty.

That’s why I say that my best friend is a local restaurant. Actually, I have a lot of friends, and they’re all restaurants. Food delivery is my BFF and is always there for me. That’s why I love Texas ToGo.

When the kids were home, I had the doctor and our mechanic on speed-dial. Now, it’s local restaurants that either deliver or contract with

I have to go, now. My salad is here.